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Our origins in aerospace were initially developed from consulting contracts during the very early commercial space activities for entities such as the Commercial Experiment Transporter program. Also, over the last 35 years we have provided a wide variety of consulting services to multiple aerospace concerns and the government sector.

In addition to consulting services, we've developed aerospace hardware as part of the Commerical Space Research (CASPAR) Initiative when we recognized that both the cost and complexity of space access had resulted in only government and large corporate entities having the ability to develop launch vehicles. To address this gap, Paragon has designed, developed, and fielded a comprehensive suite of low-cost launch vehicle technologies for both our internal needs and also to provide services for a variety of requirements for our customers.

Paragon has fielded full-service Vertical Takeoff / Vertical Landing (VTVL) technologies. Our vehicle, Volkon, is a privately developed launch vehicle that is suitable as a testbed for a variety of advanced technologies.

In addition to our VTVL offering, we offer our Dragoon suborbital launch vehicle to small business units, academic institutions, and other organizations unable to afford the cost of typical corporate space launch vehicles. Some of the significant advantages of our offering include a dedicated launch service, competitive pricing, and domestic servicing.

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