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Paragon has extensive resources in both software and aerospace development.

Our software resources includes extensive expertise in a wide variety of software languages including C++, C, Java, FORTRAN, XML, and XSLT. Paragon has Silicon Graphics and Sun workstations, along with networked PCs and Macintoshes which are used for administrative activities. Our aerospace resources include a team that has over 100 years of cumulative launch vehicle, spacecraft, propulsion, and launch integration experience. Paragon's personnel have been instrumental in the success of many critical task areas on aerospace programs such as the Space Shuttle, Titan, Atlas, Athena, and Venturestar.

In addition to our software and personnel resources, Paragon is a design and manufacturing company that offers high quality components and a wide range of capabilities. We routinely design and fabricate high tolerance parts with a special range of experience in prototype and production parts for space launch systems.

Finally, Paragon has software licenses to utilize industry-standard, aerospace development software tools. The following list summarizes the tools, their respective capability, and their source.

  • SORT - 3-DOF Space Vehicle Sizing and Simulation (Lockheed Martin)
  • POST - 6-DOF Space Vehicle Simulation (NASA - LaRC)
  • Missile Datcom - Aerodynamic Parameter Generation (Wright Patterson AFB)
  • GRAM - Global Reference Atmosphere Model (NASA - MSFC)
  • STK - Satellite Tool Kit (Analytical Graphics)
In addition to these tools, Paragon has developed many proprietary engineering analysis tools to perform launch vehicle design and engineering studies. All other required software tools are COTS software such as computer aided design tools, not requiring special licensing agreements.

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